Which type of bathroom mirror should I install?

Which type of bathroom mirror should I install?

Which type of bathroom mirror should I install?Your bathroom mirror serves an important functional purpose, while also playing a central role in your bathroom's aesthetic. Whether you're fully renovating your bathroom or are just looking to update its look, one of the big decisions will be about which type of mirror to install. There is a wealth of options to choose from, and a professional can help you determine which type of mirror will be the best fit for your needs and budget. Here's a look at six popular bathroom mirror styles.

Sculptural Mirrors

Sculptural mirrors are works of art in themselves. Because bathrooms have high humidity levels, they are not a great location for paintings. However, with a sculptural mirror, you can still incorporate artistic flair into your bathroom.

Minimalist Mirrors

For an understated look with no ornamentation, the best option is a minimalist mirror. Many homeowners prefer minimalist mirrors that are frameless, but there are also options available with a slender frame.

Gilded Mirrors

If your taste is just the opposite of minimalist, you might choose a gilded mirror. This style features golden frames and carries a glimmering warmth that boldly announces its presence.

Antique Mirrors

An antique or vintage mirror can add enchantment to your bathroom's aesthetic. And if you find a beautiful old mirror that is cracked, you can have a professional glass expert perform flawless repairs.

Mirrored Walls

For bathrooms that are smaller in size, mirrored walls can help make the space feel roomier. A mirrored wall combined with a frameless glass shower door can give your bathroom a much more spacious appearance.

Custom Mirror

Rather than choosing an established mirror type, you might be interested in creating your own unique style. If so, you'll want to have the glass cutting done by an experienced expert.

If you need mirror installation, be sure to get in touch with a reputable specialist. For bathroom mirror installation in Spokane, Airway Heights, Mead, Liberty Lake, and Spokane Valley, WA, contact the experts at Five Mile Glass at (509) 213-0612. Feel free to give Five Mile Glass a call today to request a residential glass estimate in Spokane!

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Posted: November 30, 2020

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