How To Handle Broken Glass in a Double Pane Window in Spokane

How To Handle Broken Glass in a Double Pane Window in Spokane

How To Handle Broken Glass in a Double Pane Window in SpokaneDouble pane windows are ideal for keeping warm or cool air where you want it by preventing air from escaping or creeping indoors. But a broken double pane window can't be repaired as easily as single pane. Read our guide below for how to handle a broken double pane window. When you need glass repair or installation for your home or business in Spokane, Washington, give the experts at Five Mile Glass a call first.

The Repair vs Replace Dilemma

While it may seem simple enough to repair a small crack on one side of the glass, it is not an ideal choice. We only recommend repairing cracks as a short-term solution. With double pane glass, an inert gas is usually inserted between the two panes that help slow the transfer of air, which makes them more energy-efficient than single pane glass. Repairing or replacing only one side of the glass can affect the efficiency of the windows. Putty or a special glass tape can be used to temporarily repair minor cracks. To get your windows back to their original state, both panes of glass should be replaced.

Costs To Expect

If you hire a professional glass installer, you can expect the price to be slightly higher than if you were replacing single pane glass. Costs can range anywhere from $250 to $850. Expenses can fluctuate based on the cost of labor, if the window requires any additional repairs, and what type of window frame you have. Wooden frames typically cost more than vinyl or aluminum frames.

Glass Repair and Installation Specialists in Spokane

If you aren't experienced in window repair, contact a reputable company to repair or replace your broken glass. For glass installation in Spokane, contact the experts at Five Mile Glass at (509) 213-0612. With more than 50 years of experience, we can replace your broken double pane windows with efficiency and ease. Give Five Mile Glass a call today to ask for a glass repair or installation estimate in Spokane!

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Posted: February 2022

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