4 Benefits of Installing a Glass Partition During Coronavirus

4 Benefits of Installing a Glass Partition During Coronavirus

4 Benefits of Installing a Glass Partition During CoronavirusAs we head into fall, coronavirus continues to be a great concern. And as the temperature cools, we'll also be heading into the heart of flu season. With this potential for serious illness spreading through the community, it's important that your business is taking safety measures to protect employees and customers. By installing a glass partition (or sneeze-guard), you can significantly reduce the risk of virus transmission. While many grocery and retail stores have already taken this measure, many other businesses could benefit from it as well. Here's a look at four reasons to install a glass partition during coronavirus.

Protect Employees

Especially if you have elderly or immunocompromised employees, you'll want to take all necessary precautions to prevent virus transmission. Even if your business is staffed with young and healthy employees, it's worth remembering that they can still pass the virus along to those who are more vulnerable. Also, young people do sometimes also experience serious complications from the virus. As a business owner or manager, you've always made it a priority to keep your employees safe. With coronavirus, this is another opportunity to be proactive about employee safety.

Protect Customers

For businesses that regularly cater to elderly people, it's particularly important that measures are taken to prevent transmission. A glass partition should be a part of a comprehensive safety plan for customers that also includes social distancing and masks.

Reduce Stress

By taking safety precautions such as sneeze-guards, employees and customers can feel greater peace of mind as they go about their business. During this time of high anxiety, it's important that mental health is also taken into consideration.

Fast Installations

When the work is done by a reputable professional, glass partitions can be installed in very little time and with high effectiveness. A fast installation will help to minimize disruption to your operations.

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Posted: August 31, 2020

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