Ask These Questions Before Getting Window Installation in Spokane

Ask These Questions Before Getting Window Installation in Spokane

Ask These Questions Before Getting Window Installation in SpokaneWindow replacement isn't exactly cheap, so don't take your business to the first shop you find. Below, we've outlined some important questions you can ask a potential shop before getting window installation. If you're thinking about repairing or installing new windows at your home in Spokane, Washington, give the experts at Five Mile Glass a call first.

What Is the Estimated Timeframe?

When getting an estimate, the installer should be able to give a fairly precise time frame. Whether you need a single window or want to replace your entire house factors into how long the project will take. Weather can also affect timelines. Extreme winter weather can cause project delays, so discuss this with your contractor as well.

How Much Will Everything Cost?

Estimates don't just include the cost of the glass. It will also factor in the prices of the materials needed to install the window, such as screws and sealants. An estimate should also detail the price of labor and disposal costs if you want the company to remove your old windows and materials.

What Happens During Installation?

A reliable contractor will be able to let you know what to expect during window installation. Ask them how many people they expect to do the job and for a breakdown of what they plan to do. Contractors should have an installation plan they can share with you and be conscious of preventing damage to your home. That includes using drop cloths to protect your living space and thoroughly cleaning up after the job is done.

Glass Installation Specialists in Spokane

When you need glass repair, new windows, or any other type of glass installation for your home or business, be sure to get in touch with an experienced specialist. For glass installation in Spokane, contact the experts at Five Mile Glass at (509) 213-0612. With more than 50 years of experience, we offer a variety of styles to suit your needs. Give Five Mile Glass a call today to ask for a glass installation estimate in Spokane!

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Posted: January 2022

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